Adventures in Broswer Coding.

I've been pretty inspired by Fluxus, it's at the intersection of few things catching my interest right now, namely functional programming and live coding environments. A great little program and a nice environment to learn Scheme in. Further to messing about with Canvas I thought I'd have a quick crack at a proof of concept for browser live coding. I know it's possible, there's a bunch of great tutorials out there that let you compile and try code. So I cobbled the in browser Coffee Script compiler into the Ace Code Editor and come up with this:

It's really remedial right now but kind of good fun to play with. You can find it here, CTRL M to compile when the editor window is in focus. No idea how it runs on platforms other than Safari / Mac. Going to have a look at taking this stuff and adding it to my game editor. Love to be able to live edit shaders with the game on the go. At some point I need some sort of scripting in the code I've written. It was going to be Lua but now seriously considering either JS via V8 or maybe Scheme.

Live demo here and github here.


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